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5 Smart Customer Engagement Strategies That Work.

Build a Social Media Community or Forum. Social media has transformed the world and will grow inordinately in the unforeseeable future. Capitalize...

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Build a Social Media Community or Forum.

Social media has transformed the world and will grow inordinately in the unforeseeable future. Capitalize upon this opportunity and use the leading social media channels such as Facebook, Linked In, and Google+ to create communities. The main advantage to online communities and forums is that you can directly engage your customers by answering their questions, having discussions that are relevant to your industry, keeping them updated, and sharing information that they care about or are looking for.

More than 85% of the population is using social media and the numbers will increase. Not just the people but companies, brands, and all kinds of resourceful people are active on social media. All these people look at something, and when they finally trust the brand they start to follow them via accounts, pages, or groups. 

Offer Summit For Customer Engagement.

Whether it’s hosting a webinar or hosting a local meet-up or industry summit, hosting a summit either offline or online is a great way for your customers to learn from their peers or feel like they’re part of an exclusive community. Holding a conference or summit can help in upgrading the horizon as well as broaden too. Well, Adobe conducted a study based on how the summit impacts people who attend it.

According to them, 98% of attendees successfully succeeded in the expectation. And 80% ended up discovering something new about their skills. It affects how you are impacting and what benefits you are bringing for your customers. When you learn and attend such conferences, you get to know more about your field and it helps engage more people. Also on such occasions, you get a chance to meet people face to face and ask questions.

Offer personalized service

Personalization is quickly becoming one of the most popular customer engagement strategies. It makes sense that customers want services and products that are tailored to them and their needs.

There are many ways you can apply the principles of personalized service. It could be simple, like showing them a location-based ad or using their first name in an email. It could also be much more complex, taking advantage of machine learning and AI to offer hyper-relevant services.

Host A Product Tour For Your Customers.

Giving them the inside look and a tour of how you work, not just helps them in building trust but also feels close to your brand. Product tours are one the best ways for your customers to learn everything there is about your product or service. Not only is this an effective way for you to reach out to your customers, but product tours are also a great way to engage them.  It also helps relax the mind of your customers as they get to know about what you are doing and how you are doing. It helps in eliminating the doubts in their mind which makes them decide to take action faster.

Run Product Inspired Collaboration Contest 

Contests and campaigns have perennially been the most successful tactic of engaging with customers. They all involve prizes and who doesn’t enjoy getting them? We all do. Take advantage of that and hold a contest for your customers. Not only will you grab their attention, but you’ll also engage them by rewarding them for their participation. So without any ado, brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas for your campaigns and contests. Unlike the earlier times, contests, today, are easy to host thanks to social media.

Without emptying your pocket, you can run compelling campaigns on different social media channels. Just ensure that your campaigns are laden with incentives that truly attract your target audience. Offering prizes for engaging with your brand is an amazing way to get most of your target demographic talking. With these contests, not only will you grab your customers’ attention, but also engage with them by rewarding them for their participation.

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